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Worship At Bethel

The hospitality in the worship experience at Bethel will compel your engagement; and our focus on bringing honor to God, will provide opportunity for an empowering encounter with the Spirit of the living God.

Bethel has two Sabbath Worship Services:


Some of the elements of a typical Bethel worship service include: acknowledging God’s presence, congregational praise and worship, a ‘Welcome’ moment where we greet friends and introduce ourselves to guests, a children’s story, a special musical meditation by one of Capitol Hill’s own choirs or soloists, or a guest artist, and an illuminating sermon from our pastor, elders, ministry leaders, or a guest speaker.

On any given Sabbath, we will employ our youth in worship leading. Our worship services present a wonderful opportunity to train youth leaders, and we work to involve all children and youth in using their God-given gifts in ministry. On some special days, we’re blessed to also have a baptism or baby dedication or participate in a communion service.

Giving voice to our cross-generational and cross-cultural congregation—from hymns, anthems and Spirituals, to traditional and contemporary gospel, liturgical dance, poetry and drama, instrumental music, and more—there’s plenty of room for you to experience the breath and depth of your desired musical experience rooted in the faith of the believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our worship celebrations incorporate the traditions of our Seventh-day Adventist heritage (e.g. Pathfinder Day) with those that are uniquely both African American and Christian (e.g. Black History, Officer Dedication, Women’s Day, Family Life, and Church Heritage), or multicultural (e.g. International Day). Our service types also include creative combinations of solemnity and celebration (e.g. Communion Service, Baptism Service, and Anointing Service), as well as those days on the liturgical calendar that are celebrated across a variety of ecclesiastical traditions (e.g. Christmas and Easter).

On some Sabbaths, our worship service will include a moment of emphasis on national or international days of recognition (e.g. National Day of Prayer, Graduation, Inauguration Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving); or we may worship outside the four walls of our church building (e.g. Worship through Service and Annual School Supply Drive). Still on other Sabbaths, our worship may be a glorious musical experience, both singing and instrumental, (e.g. Christmas Worship Service).

We aim to make our worship facility and service accessible to all. At all times, our focus is lifted towards heaven and seeks to uphold the truths of the gospel.

We hope you and your family will join us in worship! Come and invite a friend!